Server Infrastructure Standards

Server Infrastructure refers to the collection of systems and services which process, store, and present your data. This includes your physical, virtual, owned and cloud hosted servers. This includes the operating systems used on your servers. This also includes core data-storage and transition SaaS services such as file, messaging, audio, and video systems.

Vibrant has extensive experience working with numerous infrastructure topologies and technologies, and we are constantly learning more. During the course of our work together, we will help guide you toward the technologies which fit with your goals.

While your individual Agreement, SOW, or Coverage Addendums may entitle you to different coverages, routine infrastructure maintenance, serviced user management, and vendor assisted troubleshooting of Server Infrastructure Solutions is included within our Agreements. All Server Infrastructure must be under active next business day or better support and be within vendor supportability windows. Additional minimum serviceability requirements apply, as outlined below.

Minimum Supported Environment

  • Server hardware is appropriate sized and specified for environments load and performance expectations

  • Server hardware has appropriate internal redundancies (RAID, Power Supplies, etc)

  • Server hardware is protected by appropriately sized UPS systems

  • Server hardware is located within conditioned and dust-free environments

  • Server software is appropriately versioned to optimally serve your predominant client base

  • Server software is selected so as to robustly support your needs

  • Virtual Server Software (Hypervisor) is appropriately selected so as to robustly support workload

  • Cloud/SaaS service vendors have appropriate backup, redundancy, support, and data security practices

  • Cloud/SaaS services are regularly updated, and consistently maintain capability with latest dependant systems

  • Cloud/SaaS services have plausible data access, integration, and exit options

For more information on our Supportability policies please see the Overview page. Additional information can be found within the relevant agreements with us.